Like a rooster alert in the morning,
My world flashed as reality
struck to her aftermath
Her silence was loud enough
to awake the entire village

I sidled towards my mud
stool in auscultation as
her larynx vaunted a
triumph of loss.

I reheard carefully,
looking at the youthfulness
of the deaf child playing
on their side of the fence
unaware of her mark of Cain.

My neighbours almost withered
flower filled with pus on its vocal
cords screeching sound full
of life and hope but with beastly voice
Science failed.

It pained me gazing at her mutilated
invincible scar. Alone in the dark
with people around sharing light.
I glanced at the other way for a
second in searching for freedom.

Leering at the early thick green
mist covering the turf freedom
not found.

I had no choice but to torture again
She tried to communicate even though
she knew nobody understood her
Braille tongue, I grin unable to
glower in return.

Like winning a trophy of death,
I felt until I decided to crow
with her like an eagle instead
of thinking of her as a rooster.