She normally
Gets whatever she
Asks from her daddy
Every day, now and then
It’s always one single track
“Daddy this… Daddy that…”
Her phone gets fatigued
Of making calls to her father and receiving messages
But I’m an elder to her
I got to understand

Every time she calls her
Father, there’s less chat
About the well-being rather
Always asking to compensate
Even the last cent of ZAR
Even to him, if it means ‘extract’
From my inheritance for her
That would be grateful
On the other hand, I got to comprehend

She never felt serious
About my concerns
She’s always arrogant and aggressive
A danger to herself and to us all
And furthermore, she never cared
For my helping compensation in her
Bank account
That’s my sister
The second and last born
From my mother and father
I know her from
The onset to the
Most latest
She… she normally
Gets what she wants
I must understand.