to the rose that grew from concrete,
a ghetto born black seed that grew
from bad soil

you inspired me to change,
make changes
taught me to keep my head up and
remain strong
to be fearless when I speak my mind
and never to hide my true intentions

to the rose that grew through all the rain
like a bright day that comes after a
dark night

a fighter and father figure
to many
you made me listen
taught me to believe in my dreams
to survive and succeed

in your honor,
I pledge to keep my head up and
smile through all the hardships
to stand against all forms of strange devotions
or preconceived notions about me

I pledge to make changes in my
to never hate my enemy
but to sow seeds of love and
encourage them to gro


Tupac Shakur (1971-1996);
a poet, rapper, lyricist, & screenwriter