When life seems hard
Just let tears run down
Pour your heart out
Erode that emotion mountain
All because life is full of pain hard to maintain
Stress will make you frown
In your thoughts you will drown
To cover your sadness
You’ll smile
Unaware you still have a mile
Maybe miles to happiness
Life is unpredictable
Pain is unbearable not even measurable
Your pillow is for you to confide in
It can never have a lot to take in
Your worries are safer
Feel free to wail even deeper
Pity it won’t console you
It won’t talk back to you
All this breaks one’s heart
Makes one an emotional wreck
Tires the mind
How could life be this cruel?
Questions of the heart
The mind alone
Pain and happiness can’t ever be dual
The soul is affected
However bruised
Tears fall with all the pressure
You’ll be unmounted
Maybe the next dawn might be promising
We can’t ever be sure
Just hold on to that hope