Just because I don’t text nor call
doesn’t mean I forgot about
It doesn’t have to take me
a phone call to prove my love to
Even though this long distance
acts as a boundary, do not
Mistake the love I have for you

For it is a love without measure
A love which hate seeks to be captured
A love which can never be treasured
Love needs a perfect accuracy to plot

Even though my mind deceives my heart a lot
I’ll gradually dissolve unnecessary thoughts
For I know the love I have for you will never clot
Time and time I look up to my clock
I tilt my head to the door hoping just for that one knock

My love for you will never melt
As hard and solid as a rock
Me and you we made a covenant
Till death do us apart
Unnecessary thoughts should not break the spell
As long as I love you and you love me, everything will be well