Things have changed,
Identity being questioned,
Nothing seems to be,
Moving forward,
Nothing makes sense,
Everything, everyone is
Different from who you are,
In return,
You judge yourself based,
On the type of human-
Characters that you
Come across.

This doubtful,
Lack of confidence
Mentality has dragged,
You down until you
Realise you’re not
Who you thought you were,
Questioning your identity,
Your existence,
Your wellbeing
Everything in you,
Eyes seems blur, full
Of bitterness
Heavy questions that,
You keep asking yourself,
Ndingubani? (who am I?)

Your world is shattered
You’re not moving forward,
Your efforts seem to be in vain
Accomplishments limited
In your world

Then you ask yourself
Ndingubani? (who am I?)
Ndingubani? (Who am I?)

Can someone give
Take me to where I belong
The place called home
To reconcile and recognise
Spiritually fill the void
Abandon and demolish
All the unwanted pain
Unpleasant encounters

Unfruitful directions
That are leading astray,
Unclear visions
Clearance needs to emerge

Make clearance to these,
Blinded unclear,
Visions that have been
Striking over my head

Ndingubani? (Who am I?)
Ndingubani? (Who am I?)
Gather, give clarity,
Identity to this unidentified
Wondering soul.