You touch my heart in a certain way
That nobody else has ever made me feel
I watch you unveil your true feelings before me
The pleasure remains fond as the chemistry goes bold
With every little thing that you do

There’s always a time when one feels this way about someone
But this love can never be forgotten

A time when I lived the opposite of what you show me
Has really faded like ashes blown by the wind
A true passion you are, enough words can’t be said in full sentences
But enough that you show me is the real definition of love
With the character you play, this is a love story that can never be replayed

Every mind wishes to be somewhere special
Being with you is a place one can only dream of
Affection like this has always been a fairytale to me
Until you came along and made it my reality

Each day and each little time I spend with you is a special gift to always keep

For all that we share and all that belongs to me as much belongs to you,
Every little thing we do and all that I learn from you makes this love unforgettable