Oh pain, what have you done to me.
Go away so I’ll experience happiness.
I feel so much pain
that I’m comfortable in misery.
I feel so sad I’m dancing with my demons.
Being sad is a norm to me,
I forgot what happiness feels like.
Sadness penetrates deep into my soul,
my heart is filled with sadness.
I’ve become numb,
I’m floating in a sea
of misery and heartache.
People are calling my name:
“Get out of there, you’ll drown!”
But I don’t have the strength to swim.
I’m dying slowly,
it feels like I’m stuck in a dark room
with nothing but sadness.
The door keeps getting smaller and
smaller each day but I don’t mind.
I’m stuck inside a maze with no way out.
I’m a day away from giving up.
My body, soul and heart are tired.
All I know is pain.