I recognised your touch from a thousand years ago.
I have recognised you in the world
When your soul came to me late at night in a dream
Gently with a special thrill kissed my lips
Leaving a pleasant feeling inside after waking up.

I did it by gazing deep into those brown eyes
Full of tenderness and love.
It’s magical.
It’s incredible.
It’s mesmerising and for a moment
I forgot how to breathe
When my foggy mind after your sweet kisses
Illuminated the realisation that is you.

The one and only one my special and most beloved person
I’ve been waiting for so long.
Touch, kisses and caresses.
Be gentle and also passionate.
Inhale my smell desire and become over yourself
Not overbearing.

How nice it is to fall asleep on the chest of a beloved person.
Do you miss this feeling?
Do you lack kisses?
You are alone and lack tender kisses and tender hugs.
I looked for you and found you lying in my bed.
You were never lost you just became isolated
Without my passionate love for you.