I could feel your hand touch mine
And goose bumps spiralling all over me
I could feel your lips
touch mine so passionately my knees go weak
You went down on one knee
and slipped that ring on my finger
As I screamed YES
with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks
I say my vows as my white veil covers my face,

You gladly uncover my face
and plant a kiss on my lips
Oh so joyful at the 5-star hotel
you booked for our honeymoon
You hold my hand in the labour ward
as I bear life to our very first baby boy
The family dinners and vacations are splendidly planned out

And we’re having a great time
You hold my hand as we take a walk down the street,
walking sticks in hand
Using your hand you brush my grey hair
as I lay on the bedside next to you…

I slowly return to reality as I shake your hand and respond, “Pleased to meet you too.”