20 Twenty,
That one of uncertainties,
Unbelievable loss of mass lives,
Short-lived memories,
And unbearable screams,
In a world held hostage by COVID-19.

The one,
Only faith saw us through,
Leaders disappeared in the thin air,
State coffers got looted comradely,
Poverty margins tripled the stats,
Activists saved the nation, unfavorable so.

The one,
Left no unturned stones,
Inspired the rise of a united front against poverty,
Kept everyone into their own toes,
Unfashionably swing the rich, or poor ultimately,
Saw no colour, age or race but conquered life.

The one,
That left orphans,
Drove families off their edge,
Erected new trends,
Spiked a sense of hopelessness,
Kept us locked down, and showed us power scales!

20 Twenty,
A year of possibilities,
In a world of imperfections,
It’s been the one,
of unending sadness and mourning,
Indeed, the year of unguaranteed tomorrow for us!

Mask it up,
As a procedure, not guarantee
Sanitise as a measure,
not a saviour,
Social distance,
not a mountain to hide behind!

Stay alive! Stay alert!