Poor me I am a slave of love
When you said you were going
I thought you would be with me
Every step of the road, lead and carry me
When I couldn’t carry myself baby
I thought you would be with me
In my highs and lows, smiles and tears
Good and bad times
I was prepared to be all yours
For as long as you needed me
All I wanted was to make you my cheerful wife
The joy of my life
But little did I know that the other side
Of sweet and sexy dreams is a harsh reality
That could break anyone’s heart
Otherwise thank you for using me

When you cried I would go an extra mile to provide
And make you happy working day and night
While having sleepless nights
Compromising and sacrificing my happiness
So that I could make you mine,
I could make you smile or make you shine
And glow bright like a diamond, sweetie,
But only for you to betray me
Poor me little did I know that behind the beauty
Lie the true colours that could destroy an innocent picture
Little did I know you would turn and twist
Squeeze and break my heart
But otherwise a true reflection of a human being is the heart

Sweetheart everything comes to an end,
And baby this marks the end of our relationship
And everything we did is now buried behind us
And our tomorrow is forever
And in your tomorrow I wish you nothing short of happiness
And nothing short of glory
I wish you nothing short of rays of light
Even though eyam inhliziyo u’i phulile
You gave me lessons and moments that made memories
And for that I will always love you