To my deaf friends
Your deafness is unique
To me it is special
Your deafness doesn’t make me
Superior to you.

I see beauty in your sign language,
We could gossip and make fun of other people
Say whatever we want and laugh it off
They wouldn’t even take it personal
We speak a foreign language to them

There’s beauty in your being deaf
You can be angry and express your
Anger in a saddest cry,
Instead of saying words that might
Never be taken back
Still you hurt no one.

There’s beauty in you being deaf
You can still be quiet and I’d still
Be able to note your emotions,
I can tell when you happy
I can tell when you not in the mood.
There’s beauty even in your silence

For it never gets too loud
There’s beautiful beauty in your silence,
I can still be with you and not utter a word
Yet still enjoy your company
There’s beauty in your sign Language
You speak a language too hard for ignorant people,
So mind not and let the feeling be mutual.
There’s beauty in you being deaf
I’ve learned to enjoy the slightest sounds you make:

The sound of your laughter
The sound of your cry
The sound of your footsteps
The sound of your hands
When the clap and click
The sound of your snore,

It always was the loudest sound you make
There’s beauty in you being deaf
So don’t you feel sorry for yourself
Your deafness is unique.
To me it is special