I said hi sir
He replied with hey man
I told him I’m aware of the fact
That we have never met but I have a story to share
He said go ahead

I said sir I’m deeply in love with her
Before he even got a chance to ask who’s that
I said I’m deeply in love with Phesh
Then he looked at me as if I was mad, then he said tell me about her
I didn’t know whether to tell him about how she looked the first time we met
Or to tell how perfect and different she can be at certain moments

I paused
For a moment I looked as if I was lost
As if I didn’t know what to say
About the person who calls me bae
Whom I refer to as my woman crush everyday

Then I said she is my angel
My one and only princess
And she looks perfect and trust me that’s an understatement
She’s smart and intelligent
Bold and confident
Soft yet firm

My temperature went up
Then he said whoa man cool down that’s enough
Then he asked
What seems to be a problem now?

I said nothing sir I just felt like saying that out loud
I’m in love with Phesh
I love her
I am deeply in love with her

I think about her smile
I dream about her at night
I truly wish she will always be mine

My heart will forever be hers’
My love for her will never disappear
And she loves me to

Then he looked at me and just kept quite
That’s how our conversation ended
I just told a stranger,
I love her