From east to west
North heading south
In calm and contrary winds
In dream and imagination
Pressurised or not
My eyes will look for you

Venus flytrap engulfs its prey
Yes you really conquered my heart
A strong trap to my body
Know that you are
Like a step down transformer
You controlled my feelings
Yes from the time
My eyes experienced your nature
My heart breathed higher
But now my eyes are in deep trouble
Yes constantly looking for you

Yes all round the Pangea
Laurasia moving into Gondwanaland
I’ll search for you
For my eyes are blinded from distance
Whenever your precious nature is sacrificed
Yes even in those dark abysmal regions
Full of terror
Where the lion stays and sleeps
I’ll reach and express strength of my dreams
Dying for you is better than staying without you!
Oooooh! Tiwale! Tiwale! Tiwale.