I tried to love but love never loved me
I sacrificed my time to get your attention
You fooled me with your evil deeds but I was blind
You gave me a smile and I thought I had found love

When are you going to change your stripes, tiger
When are you going to settle down and be with me
Am I not man enough to take care of you, my Jane
How long are you going to blame my poverty

My Jane, I am not a man with fashion but I have vision
Success will never come overnight but I am trying hard
I am not a man with status but am a man with ambitions
Feel free to go after the men that drive luxury cars

You left a school because you dated all the teachers
You dumped me because I’m still a student with no money
You told everyone that my mother is paralysed and I love her
You exposed me in public and everyone knows that I have no bed

I Am a puzzle you can break but can be rebuilt with every piece
One day my tears will be dry and my smile will make the shape of a banana
The pain in my heart cannot be compared with the joy that is coming
The wounds you dug in my heart are remarkable, I will never forget you

We helped each other to grow but we lost each other along the way
At the beginning I gave you my heart and I was scared of losing you
Now it is my time to let you go and to let you take your own path
One day I will understand the true meaning of love that turns to being so ugly

I still love you even thought maybe one day, history will repeat its self
I already forgave you for what you have done to me but you will change
You are my first girl I ever dated though I am scared to love again
You chased money instead of chasing your dreams but I understand