I can take you with my heart
And mind to never lose you again.
Touch your hips and kiss your pains,
Look between your eyes for best you
And stroke your soul with neck kisses
To loose myself on your soul again,
Only to throw pain away again and again.

If I lose your smile,
I will search for it within my mind and soul
And take your soul and body into rain,
So that we call both of us for reign in love.

You will find your name as Queen every time you respect me,
I will put my heart into your throne for you to rule it;
I will turn every light off every time we are two
Because you are the light.

We will see no night,
‘Cause our own love got us into light;
We shine on hearts for strangers:
They can’t even wonder at our presence.

I will miss words you whisper in my ear,
Every time I need you near;
You make love rain keep pouring.

I will love every moment with you,
And leave everything in myself for we.
Stop worrying, we own all.

For us to be forever, you need no dress
With smile and whispering these words “I love you”:
Love already dressed you.