I lost time
I was supposed to keep an eye on him
I had to keep moving with him
Make as much progress as he made but
I lost time

I should have kept him close but
I was too busy nursing my pain
I nursed my shame
I had to hide that’s how
I lost time

I should have begged him to
Stay close to me I almost have it
Figured out but
He never wants to wait for anyone or anything
I lost time

I should have tricked him into staying
I was so cold, face covered with dried tears
He sympathised but for some reason he couldn’t
Wait for me to gather I lost him
I lost time

We were friends me and him
Had known me since I was a baby
He loved me as he gave me so much of him
Friendship ended when I wouldn’t keep up
I lost time

I tried to hug him
He wouldn’t let me
We love each other but
I could not keep up
He had to keep moving
I lost time