I don’t want even to greet you.
Why doesn’t your war come to an end?
What causes you to strike my continent?
Your strike is full of dirty, red blood.

You make me wonder because every struggle comes to an end.
I wonder if you are natural or artificial.
If you are natural, I guess your creator is not proud.
Then you are artificial, your manufacturer is heartless.

I even doubt that do you have ears.
If you have one, these loud tears will touch your heart.
If you have felt, you’ll have shame and feel our concerns.
Tell us what you want from us.
We, as Africans, have our culture to give.

You squeezed and sucked innocent blood.
You screwed our virgins and left them stained.
How can you come from that direction?
You make me vomit hatred to you.

I heard enough and seen with my naked eyes.
Saw very dangerous diseases strike my nation.
As I saw swine flu, denarius and Ebola sweep my people away.
You and your folks are still in my nation.
Abusing them financially, emotionally and physically.
Nevertheless, your future is more than doomed.