A bright enchanting angel with noble grace,
An elegant being so spotless with chiselled features,
A creature so appealing as though of paramount birth,
This pulpy pencil figure blessed with childish teeth.
An opulent shapely daisy seasoned with royal credence,
A girl so ravishing with refinement and the nose of a dove.
Innocently, she sees not the glamorous trail I purport,
And in the clear beam of all and the open view of all,
She loves me not, she loves not the tales told by our encounters.
Like mad I love this gentle lady, be she loves me not.
He demeanour points to the gory picture she portrays,
Of a man remotely tucked away worse than trash,
Proclaiming a tragedy to rock a mere mortal to insanity,
And my romantic debris with her tensely sets my teeth on edge.