I always wonder what it would be like to finally run into you on the streets,
after all the years that went by without us talking.
If seeing you will ever make me regret all those phone calls you never received.

The texts I didn’t have the courage to send to you.
I wonder if I would see you from across the street and scream my lungs out
calling your name just to wave at you,
or would I just stand there and watch you as you walk by without even noticing me?

I wonder if I would just drop everything as is,
and come running to you to give you one of those big, warm, tight hugs you used to love so much,
and have you hug me even tighter.

I mean, I still wonder if the flames would ignite from our hearts
and the spark shine through our eyes when we look at each other.
I wonder if I would look at you and see a stranger.

Someone I never met before but just happened to know so much about me.
Even my deepest darkest secrets.
I wonder if conversations that came so easy and
naturally would start feeling like running Comrades Marathon.
I wonder.