They’re watching me
a public servant addresses
the gathered Grade 7 learners
here for a Reading Competition

the assembled flock
an easy target
for those hawking
their pound of flesh

(he plays the Mandela card too
he of the New Order phenomenon
of personalized car number plates
and suddenly-frequent letter-writing)

They’re watching me
might be the thoughts
of the learners anxiously
awaiting their turn to read

A Reading Competition
Contest Clash Battle Fight
Race War sounds like all
the opposite of the virtues
we hold dear (or declare we do)

Primary schools local
to the Lansdowne enclave
reading for enjoyment
quite a few are one can see
who read every day
and in the everyday

many a brave soul
confidently reading
and reading confidently
text from Chris van Wyk’s
Long Walk to Freedom

out Lansdowne Library way
young readers going forth
preparing for their tomorrow

are you prepared
for them