Are you an agent of the devil?
Are you a punishment?
Goodbye you are a very weird word.
Goodbye you are evil.

My father came and said goodbye,
He never came back home,
My sister came and said goodbye,
She never arrived home.

Why are you so evil?
When people say goodbye,
Are they saying that they won’t see us again?
Why are you a cost of death?

Why can’t we spell you freely?
Why do you bring fear in our lives?
Why do you bring sorrow in our lives?
Why do you bring tears in our lives?

Why can’t you be like your synonyms?
Why can’t you stop taking?
When we say farewell they come back?
Yet when we say goodbye they don’t?

What kind of a creature are you?
Are you the angel of death?
Or are you the bringer of sorrow
Oh goodbye what are you in our lives?