I was asleep and I got a
Tip and wake up,
And I was told to shut
Up and close my eyes.
Next thing I
heard ululations,
Some sort of celebration.

I didn’t understand what was happening.
Delay was overwhelming me, new faces
Are being realised. Nervous, curious and
Excitement described us all.

New reconciliation
Between two and other families.
Smile is the only thing that
Dominates in our faces.
It was time for love to spread,
No one will be scared.

That meeting was as result \
Of love, just to free the dove.
No love lost, at no cost.
Indeed it is the day of
‘I do’. A vow which
Families and friends are
Witnessing it, for better
Or for worse.

There will be a new
King and queen,
Just love and nothing
In between, just far
Away from being a teen
But nearer to a frown skin.

The thing that conquers
All is love and prayers.
Ooh I’ve asked myself
What is it? But there was a
Light in my brain and i
Could realise that it is a
Wedding day.

All the best to the new
Couple, I’m certain they
Will be able to maintain
their love, for they made a vow.
It will be time to take the
Responsibility and let
The ability of love to take over.

A well-mannered person is
Displayed at their family,
It’ll be like the rose of lilly.
The day of 06 August 2016
Will always be remembered.