Let me close my eyes,
Kiss your forehead
Let me wipe your tears.
Don’t worry,
If we’re soulmates,
Our paths shall cross again

Put your hand on my heart
Feel the heart-beat, beating so fast
Then you’ll realise how much
You mean to me.

Thunderstorms or heavy rain
I’ll stand by you,
Just let me hold you
Just one last time
We’ve been through hell
And all that crap
But I’ll never sell you to the wolves

If the devil comes here
Fuming, demanding for a
Restless soul
He’ll have to take mine.
Don’t worry
Our day will come
But please just
Let me kiss you
Just One Last Time

I knew our path won’t
Be that long
But our souls are deeper
Than all the sins we’ve
Look deeper in your soul
Please let me do it for you
Let me kill myself for you

Let me sentence my freedom for you
Let me sacrifice myself for you
But before I do that
Please just let me
Love you
Just One Last time