I still remember like it was yesterday
When you were care free
When you were filled with wisdom
Your values directed your life
You thought before you did
You paused before you spoke

Times would be tough but
You remained strong
You knew what battles to fight
You did not sweat the small stuff
And you counted your steps

You were a source of comfort
You gave sound advice
You were a pillar
You had answers
You had the fear of God

What happened to you?
What has broken you?
What has changed you?
What has buried you while you are still alive?
What has twisted you?
What has chained you?

Where is your voice?
Where is your reflection?
Who are you?
I just don’t know you anymore
I am searching for you in a crowd but I don’t see you
It seems you have gone invisible

All I have is a photograph of you
In my mind are the flashbacks
Of the unforgettable you
Ndiyakukhalela shame
Who will wipe away my tears?
My loss of the real you is inconsolable.