My soulmate
My lifetime tears
My happiness and joy
My prince charming
My daily drug

They say there is no love like first love
The day I met you was by the river
When you knelt down and said
Heart-warming words
I blushed and said a life without love is
Like a year without summer
Until we meet again my soul mate
You will meet me by the river
Uzongithola ngiblome emlanjeni soka lami

If I know what love is
It’s all because of you
Never leave me
Because I would be an empty flame without you and my life would lose meaning
Ngoba nguwena isithandwa Sami
Nguwena ubambo lwami

I promise to love you
Till the end of time
Mina nawe sofa silahlane
When we touch
The gods lay down their weapons
and I can forgive every trespass

Our love can last a lifetime
Because it’s unconditional
That is why they say
‘Love is not determined by one person’

My love for you
Is like the wind
I can’t see it
But I can feel it
Something about you makes me feel
Like I’m about to fall or burst into flames
To love oneself is the beginning of
A lifelong romance
My soul mate