I thought I just woke up from a dream,
unfortunately it was real.
My life is a mess.
How did I come to this place?
How did my journey end in a disaster?
I thought I was living my life to my expectations.
Why do we let emotions carry our lives?
Why is it easy to love and yet difficult to let go?
I was once told that I should leave room for disappointment.
Is it possible to ‘leave room for disappointment’?
I have been in a relationship for more than a decade
and have two kids, a girl and a boy.
I met him while I was in high school
and he was in tertiary.
He cared for me, he waited for me to finish high school.
He came back as he promised.
He was honest in my eyes,
he kept his promise,
I felt in love with him. Bang.
I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
Our love grew stronger, we were the couple,
but words can hurt emotionally.
He kept saying words that would hurt me emotionally
and my heart remains scarred.
Physical scars can be treated, not emotional scars.