Back from hell I saluted them
I saw them covered up
They’ve been crying for visitors
Fortunately, I’m still alive.
I brought some new
To be covered up too,
Danger of a single story
Is also contributed too.
These hidden tears are
now becoming too expensive.

It’s time to enjoy the light now
Out here now by myself, but
thousands of kilograms of
My hidden tears make
sounds behind me
I cried so many years
I should have died entirely
I lost my teen hood stage
I hate you with my entire soul
You took me out from my friends
My people even from myself too
But still.
I will always visit you,
My hidden tears

I truly enjoyed during the process
Your spirit has controlled me
I had no option,
maybe I should’ve failed or died.
My soul has married school
I felt in a distance relationship
When I was at home.
I had to swap myself twice daily
School life has stolen my life
I survived and my tears
Still remained hidden to them

They failed to understand me
As I was in the sky, how come?
They failed to understand it too.
As long as I took care of myself
As my hidden tears, I should’ve
Covered up myself too
But nobody cares
They kept it cheaper
And I had to intervene too
Because nobody cares.
But for my hidden tears
I will be always there for them