The world is a strange place.
Sometimes the understood
are placed inside a closed bottle
waiting to come out, waiting
for the world to set them free but no.
They are not.

The unfilled are filled and
the oppositions are opposed,
the upgraded are graded.
The uncivilised are now civilised.
You may be confused, allow me to explain.
The world might actually run out of its creation
but never out of the Creator.

When someone else’s victories
give you destruction then
there is a flood within the heart
of the creation. We are failing
to see what He had said and
what He had told us all.
Others say, why does it matter
who is right or wrong?
It matters a lot because
Nothing is within our power.

The Master masters all.

For our words are as small as
an apple seed and our minds
are as wide as the seas but we
are trapped, trapped in our
own world where everything is about us.

Which master you may ask?
I also don’t know. Is He the one
that commands the clouds to
go north or south over the earth
or is he the one that brings death over the nations?
I say He is the one

He keeps silence but from a
distance He concludes All.
At times the enemy of our
souls gives us a vaccine
that produces immunity to
the real thing. Pain and suffering
are but a taste of what
the world will eat at the end
of time. He calls in a loud
voice, pleads with us to take
the path which He traces for us,
still we fail to approve.

I call him the Supreme of All
and Above All. It is so sad we
often do not even want to hear
Him, and we fill our lives with
things of the Global (World).
His love is not of the stigmatised.
The more we neglect the Supreme
Court the more we suffer.

Sad to say this but life is not
in our own hands, this world
is not in our hands. We are
just instruments played by
the Supreme Creator. The sounds
we make are just how we
live our lives. Some make
loud sounds, others make
low sounds but we all supposed
to make sounds. Unfortunately
one day we are all going to meet
with the supreme Creator.