You may not have all the puzzles of my heart
but you have a reserved seat in the hall of my heart
You soothe my troubles
and bring a smoothness to my day
My eyes hawk for the arrival of your presence
Days go by without a glance
and how I childishly take a peek
The sight of your face pulls a smile up my cheeks
only if they get painted red with blush
You often get lost in the veld of weed for comfort
Still, my heart does not rebuke you
I need the assurance of your hands on my waist
To recognize this deep emotional attachment
my mind constantly dives into a pool of faint moments
that I shared with you
and how I desire them to be memories
I groaningly contemplate and envy
To be the one who brings fire in your eyes
and that cold water rush in your blood
You are more than a summer’s day to me
but those sunset rays shining upon my face
eliminating the sadness and worries of the day