The sublime echoes of your mellow voice whispers through my ear canal
When asleep,
No wonder I woke up with a benign smile embedded on my face,
My heart trembles with laughter when thinking of you,
For your proximity in my dreams suppresses detestable memories,

No phrase can elucidate the profound love that I have towards you,
If you think I’m here to play chess with your heart, you better
Evict that thought with ripples of merriment,
For your heart is now in arable land full of love and jest.

My heart has got no many partitions, only a comfortable
Room to accommodate you,
For you’re the reflection that indeed beauty exists on earth,
Comparing you with morning stars will be a huge disgrace,
For the stars fade away as soon as there is dawn,
But you’re tantamount to the red roses on gilded
Tiny box of bliss.
“I love you Rebotile Makgwale”