I’m in love with you.
Myself I love you
And they call it self-love,
I know I have my mistakes,
My faults and my ego,
But I still love my imperfections.

I have been criticised by people,
I even criticised myself,
But you never criticise me,
I still can’t believe how much
I loved myself,
But with self-love I’m still standing.
How I wish to see success
If it will change the love I have for me,
I know I’m not the best,
But I’m one of the best,
They say love is blind because
They don’t love themselves.

I promise you: try loving yourself
And you will know love was never
And will never be blind,
Until you blind yourself
By expecting to be loved.
Make mistakes but never
Let bad decisions misuse your thoughts.
Love yourself as you are without any assistant!