07:00 am
Door knobs twists
Keys rustling his routine toiling hands

Light rays come rushing in
Enlightening the shelves
Displaying liveliness

Fresh stock neatly settled
A bakery van humming various bakes
He is the owner
He is the shopkeeper
He runs it solo
A life hard to follow
His fans recall the hour
A stampede hurriedly
After his authority

He is the shopkeeper
An expert to handling
The march
A grand master
Effusive by the counter
A smile broad and wise
His merchandise
Always at a price

As he sees
To his profound
With precision
Lo,forgets he
not of stormy
As the day
Bades goodbye
He chuns his ways

5:00 pm
Keys rustles
Doors slightly engages
As is of time
He is of old age
He is the shopkeeper