Not everyone who gets opportunities,
embrace it when you get it.
Some wish to have it,
some die without that certain opportunity.

Opportunities come once in life, use them wisely.
Know why you are doing it so you can achieve more.
As it is said, God has plans for us.
A blessing and opportunities are the same,
both come once.

There are different types of opportunities.
Marriage, school, babies, work etc:
are some opportunities that we miss in life.
You can wait for the opportunity to come.
When it does, use it wisely.

They don’t last if used wrongly or when you don’t want them.
They can pass you while you looking for other opportunities.
Be fast, grab it as it passes by and don’t let go.
If it hasn’t come yet, be patient.
When it does come, take charge and control it.
Be wise!