It is ‘The richest place on earth!’
A place that is full of what we call valuables
Occupied of brilliant men’s thoughts that were never transformed
Filled with great meaningful men’s ideas that were never implemented
Full of young giants that were not yet been given recognition
Full of visionaries that could have bettered our incarnate
Full of young people whose dreams were not yet been fulfilled
Occupied with great lifetime mentors that could offer guidance to the massive of men
It is the resourceful setting on earth!

Our young giants, the best talents are swallowed by graveyard
Number of good leaders on earth was stolen by cemetery
Our siblings_ the bread winners were prematurely taken by burial ground
The inventors of new materialistic things were taken ahead of time to the cemetery

The cemetery holds humanity
It has high-jacked human entrepreneurship
It holds the quality education
It holds the knowledge of good personalities
It indeed holds all the riches of this earth!
The rich is in the cemetery!