I used to wake up
With breakfast in bed
But now the slam of our bedroom door
Has become my alarm clock

I wouldn’t want to wash
My face in the morning
Because it was filled with
Your good-morning and I-love-you kisses

I would get warnings for daydreaming
At work but I always smiled at them.
Now my office has become a pool where
I drown in my tears of sadness, my work
Board has become a place for notes with
Marks, “What have I done?”

The sound of your car parking doesn’t excite
Me any more
You have befriended our bedroom, where you
Will rush every night and talk on the phone for hours,
Where I will come to
Bed while you are still miles away on your phone
Me sobbing has become my lullaby

When I get to ask what’s wrong
You’ll say, it’s piles of work
But this has never stopped you from nourishing
Me with love in the past

Are you still in love with me
Like the way you used to be
Or did it all fade away
And the pain I feel is here
To stay

They say that the past is best left
In the past
But now I wish I could live
In the past