You are the beat of my heart
The blood vessel of my veins
The kindest air that I breathe
Through the darkness I’d be your light
I wish you could read my mind
So that you could see I can’t stop thinking about you

I remember when we fell in love
You said our hearts beat as one
That our love will burn forever
That nothing will do us apart
Do you still remember?

You said through thick and thin we would be one
But with a blink of an eye you left
Was my love never enough for you?
You used to say “forever” together
Us against the world

But now I wonder what that meant
I’m so shaken by your words
“We can’t do it anymore”

I just feel like breaking down and crying
I can barely breathe whenever I think of you
This heartache turns my night into morning light
My alarm rings while I’m awake
My pillows are wet of tears
I still love you