In a forgotten town settled over with ash.
I was searching for what I had lost.
Though you prayed with reddened eyes and hushed voice.
I was plugging my ears.

Rather than reach out let’s hide instead.
We will point at the fractured skies.
Laugh with childlike eyes.
I will sleep here bathed in the light that peeks.

Through the gaps of the night.
Together with you.
Now let’s get started.
Leave your sorrows behind.

Flowers of joy are blooming.
From you know where it is.
The light starts to illuminate the sky.
Towards where the clouds drift.
Hey. Darling I am not afraid of anything suddenly.
Because you are here with me.

Wipe away your tears.
It is the song of a new morning.
A blindingly bright shining.
Quiet melody of love.
Without any hesitation.
You reach out your hand.

Hope hovers over an eternal isle.
Towards you know where.
That bright sparkle starts to illuminate
The future with your heart in it.
Over dried tears’ stains.

Falling in love with someone.
It’s a trap engraved into our bloodstreams.
My desires are already all fired up.
Look there things happen to our once pure hearts.

They get infiltrated and crushed.
Do not touch me!
Let me touch it, your heart.
Wrench it open
Punish yourself more for letting your heart go astray.

Your nerves give in one by one by falling in love.
Love and enjoy the tranquillity of peace.
I want to know everything you want.
Let’s reach out towards our dreams.
By giving me all your love.
But please give it all to me.
They are no handcuffs to hold you back from giving into me