My definition of love is staring and finding the beauty in your canvas
The glitter in your bruised
And the cracks in the windows of your heart

I tried telling you I liked you
I swallowed my pride
But it clawed its way up my oesophagus
And I spat it out like it was forbidden

I know I have nothing to loose when I look into your eyes
For I find true beauty in there

The way you have champagne in your walk
Is the same way I get drunk in your footsteps
Your eyes are brighter than the sun shines unto me
I wanna be closer than your skin is to you

The other day you kissed my neck
And I heard the angels calling out
My name
I love you the way the stars adorn the skies
The way the sun shines so bright
“I love you,” those were my favorite words
That ever came from your mouth

Constantly I found myself drooling over you
As I yearn for your lips to run across my hips
I’m ready to let you in to my world of desires

There are too many words and too many names
But yours is my favourite
Your words are a crack of lightning at night
Dangerous like a hurricane

Perhaps you could be my forever
You could be my beautiful distraction

Crush I am ready to love you
Just not ready to put a label
On whatever’s happening
Between the two of us
I grew into loving you
But one thing that’s hindering me is to put
A whole label on this beautiful bond
That we have right here