Some nights, I want conversations
Where I can explain the loneliness I feel
The hurt that lingers when it struck midnight
I want to explain to somebody why I cry as much as I do
Why I plead as much as I do
I want to explain to a true artist
The hurt I feel
When I don’t think my art is good enough

I spend hours and minutes
Days and nights drowning in self-pity
When the light creeps in, I feel the frustrations lingering too
I was told happiness is a feeling away
But here I am soul searching for a feeling
Hoping maybe it might creep in once I’ve attained my mantras
After every Sutra, I feel myself drifting away from reality
Slowly entering my mental heaven – my fantasy

My reality longs for you
For your existence
Yet my perfect mental heaven has gained you
My mind is happier in my mental distant world
My heart gets heavier in this sad reality
Love is the art that paints everything good
But I’m experiencing all bad, that’s the side of the art they never show
The side that crushes a beautiful soul

In all this mishap
All is perfect
And soon I hope to die
In sorrow and mental darkness