My first day was not too bad
I thought they were a family, they are all mad,
Different men, with their tempers blend
I surely was lucky for my cell was blank
I became the first to invade the hollow cave
First time in, too much to conceive,
Known enough now, then loneliness got to me
I thought I would forget about the real world,
The less I’m with it the more I miss it
More often the morning breezes
I was told this is a correctional service,
This place is not as they say it is
Behind these walls the only hue you see is grey,
These walls see it all, in here I became a prey.
No wrong is corrected; I’ve been molested by men.
My anger grew, the pain of being convicted
Just because of kindness, yes I was helping
A nine years old girl who was abducted.
She was lying on the street gutter in a pool of blood.
The car’s lights went bright as I was helping her up.
Before the judge she couldn’t defend me,
She was illiterate, everything I had was dispossessed.
I thought the rude were bad, look where kindness got me.