It was too early to give up,
She was so young to
Throw in the towel,
Yet many dilemmas
To face and already
Horrible experiences
That’s how life is, they say
With a poor background
Her respect and
Dignity was robbed,
With innocent soul
She lived heartbrokenly.
Blood is thicker than
Water, with pride they say,
But how strange it is,
The flashbacks of her
Own blood relatives brought
Trauma and nightmares.
Without parents and loved ones
life goes on,
Emotionally disturbed and suffered she admitted,
Without home and on an
Empty stomach she survived,
And seemed mentally disturbed,
Only God knew how gifted
And genius she was.
Yes; good things come
To those who wait,
But the question is, for how long?
How complicated!
Those who don’t bother
The word ‘wait’
Peacefully and smoothly
The life they live,
How so unfair is life!
No matter how many
Times she was demoralized
And rejected, but still
It won’t change,
She’s a woman of integrity,
Who inherited resilience?
Among others, she is a
Woman of the struggle,
Striving for success and
She built a barrier between her
And her past, indeed destination
Cannot be determined
By current situations
That’s the journey of life.