You’re never in my life by mistake
Even if you were, there wouldn’t be too much at stake
I’m giving you love just to take
I want to be together with you my soulmate
Let’s let our love be our fate
Let’s embrace each other and we shall commemorate
I know it’s too much at the present state
But I’m certain we’ll exceed our rate
As I said before you’re never in my life by mistake
When I’m without you I’m abate
Really babe without you I’m terribly delicate
You’re great, you got taste and you’re my esthete
This isn’t spontaneous but it’s deliberate
Deliberately planned by the great
In everything, it’s you whom I dedicate
Together we’ll alleviate all that’ll contaminate
And tries to separate us, we’ll stand together as one babe
Without lens, I can see clearly that you’re driving me crazy without a license
Even while you’re guilty I’ll strive to prove your innocence
Try to clean up your mess
You really make me be in a good sense
In mind, always away from thoughts of incense and being senseless.