I sat down and imagined
imagined the day I saw you
“He is so unique and handsome,” I thought, astonished
just when I gave up on love, you showed up

you opened my eyes to reality.
reality that love does indeed exist
not that I didn’t believe in its existence
but I just didn’t believe in it at all

you said that you loved me and we became a couple
you said, “I don’t want to rush things, baby”
but I reassured you, “Things are perfect the way they are”
then you engaged me and I, without any doubts, said yes

you changed all of me because of your carrying heart
darling, you are a god himself rescuing a goddess
I am willing to give all my heart to you just as you do to me
the world might not see what I saw in you
the world might not realise what I realised in you
they might not feel what I felt when I met you

trust can’t be repaired once broken
but mine is fully repaired since I met you
hold me like a trophy you fought hard to win
and I shall praise you as my champion
my heart shall forever be safe with you
because I fell in love.