Not sure where the way is going but we’re from far
I guess I’ve got a lot of learning ahead of me
Because I know not much right now
Who are you?

You change your speed exceeding a racing car
You have more functioning colours than a robotic figure
But I can’t figure you out
Or maybe I forgot how to

With no cement a house cannot be built
But to my surprise you’re always crying
Because you fear the feeling of guilt
And so with my broken heart
Greedy and craving all of you
I dealt with you and your issues

Just to call you mine
I had forever in mind
But what I had in my mind and in my heart
Became words left unspoken
That never reached you

It hurts heavily when I’m alone
Your actions succeeded in breaking my bones
Though you are what my heart and soul chose
But I will learn to live without you
And I’ll start by erasing your number off my phone

I am not afraid
Nor am I giving up

I just fear being left alone while the bad times come
We’re in the middle of our journey but you don’t seem willing
We haven’t reached the end

But let’s end it right now
It’s hurtful
But we took the fading journey