Nothing means more to me
Than death if I didn’t dream
Of choking you, I’d have nothing
To live for. Thank God I slice a
Throat without blinking.

Thank God I’m a killer now!
I used to be coward, to fear
The street corner just like you
Do. But every time I see you
Now your wallet is a target.
Your vagina is a target.
Your life is collateral.
I walk the streets for nothing.
I’m a book with no secret pages.

You’ll find no tears here,
Nothing about the men that
Hardened me, nothing about
The woman that abandoned me,
Nothing but blood.

Nothing means more to me than
Death. Don’t tell me about the
Fucking bible! I don’t care
If she’s your sister to me
She’s meat

And I’m the teeth bearing down.
I don’t care if karma is a beast
waiting for me around the corner
Nothing means more to me than