Recapping on his creation
The father rested
Reflecting on life
The young man fasted

In aeons before God spoke
Before time began God knew us
And his love for us was everlasting

From eternity to eternity
We step into time
What a mystery
That no time can erase
God became man
Why does love not argue?

The eternal argument – God is real
And heaven is his dwelling place
Where he has invited man
To fellowship with him
A world without ending, amen

Maybe eternity will explain itself
In melodies
And unlock unfathomable time kept
We can never stop loving Him
El Shaddai

Holy holy
God almighty
Great I am
Who is like thee
None besides thee
Great I am
The eternal argument – how great
God’s love is
The eternal argument – does eternity
Ever end

For when we’ve been there
Ten thousand years
Bright shining
As the sun
We’ve no fewer days
To sing God’s grace
Than when we first began

The answers can never be found
All we will say is
I can’t believe how real God is
Even beyond real
His love so great
And great blessings inexpressible
God only wise
Great truth in our eyes
And finally
How great God is

We will grow to understand the questions
More and more
But the answers
We can never know
For the answers are not finite
They are beyond that
Like eternity is beyond time
And heaven is beyond this earth