Within academies of light,
Sound and power
My voice was taught to sing
In eons before time
My name was written
He knew me even before the world was

Taking to the stage
Flowers came
Stories of life started unfolding
The pages were turned
I knew breath
And steps were taken
One at a time
Even then one could stumble
But gazing hands
Were in the waiting
To support and purport

I had to learn the tools
With which my voice would make sense
There were songs to sing
Rhymes to behold
And mega chemical units to count
And there I stood walking into the world

There my life was known
Many similar to me
Walked my road
Some held my hand
Others laughed
But all the same
They too had a story to tell

In the gale of forceful winds
There would be storms and travail
I held back my tears
But my tears didn’t hold back
The pain, the loss, and the pages turning
One chapter after the other
Flickered before my eyes
It was dark yet there was light
It was noisy yet there was a still small voice
He beckoned me heavenward
And I accepted by grace
You were saved
Not of works
My hands were full
He made my toil light
My mind was confused
He lifted the burden of my shoulders
My heart was aching
He began to sing that sweet song

These are footsteps
The way unfolded
Dramatic occurrences forlorn
And quiet times ahead
The wheels would screech
But they wouldn’t slide
The bell would ring
But the engine was calm
For I know we are fearfully and wonderfully made

I recognised something somewhere somehow
The steps were ascending
Yet they were steady
The climb was testing
The views, well letters
Were heartfelt
And I know he hears me when I call
And picks me up when I fall
He fills my cup when I’m dry

Now the signs are pointing in the distance
Saying come up hither
The sounds are lighting the way
Singing again that sweet sweet song
These times are changing
My time is gone
The words are fading
The gentle humming
Is becoming in harmony
As these will be our
Eternal footsteps