As the soul is being formed
winds cascade over the gentle
oceans of time
The sounds are sweet
the father never lets go
simultaneously comforts
work in the womb
as spirit, soul and body
finds new birth

The beginning is spoken
the being is taught
mysteries are endowed
and truths are imbibed
The spirit nature reigns
supreme above the outward
and visible evidences
of creation the father
never rests until the
soul makes his journey home

Wonderful milestones
lay scattered on the road
pleasures in compared
to the physical degeneration
yet the soul prospers
upon food so common
the word reminds
of things heavenly

As birds start to sing
somber melodies
the aging soul
recalculates it’s steps
as it starts to reposition
and reflect on matter
and things far removed
from existence
the divine contemplates
love and peace
simplicity and beauty
things slow down
to an inevitable

As a bird is caught in a trap
a fish In a net
so the end of man’s days come
Angels are sent to carry out
the mission of rest and slumber

The creation meets his creator
the child his father
the sheep his shepherd
and the bride his groom

And all is laid to rest
let’s say the memory
of his or her existence
whithers fast
as the physical struggles
to fully comprehend
departure and parting
blessed memory